3-16 Drop off and pick up information

Dear Parents, 

CGCA is open tomorrow on time and buses are scheduled to run on time. However, I would encourage you to still plan extra time. The roads around the school are better, but still far from clear, and there is very little space to pull over to the curb. To help with the expected congestion around the school we would like to suggest you start out early and plan to drop off children early. You may begin dropping off as early as 7 am at no additional charge for daycare. Also, on the other end of the drop off time, keep in mind that we will not be marking students tardy until 8:45am for those of you who do not need to be out so early. We would also encourage you to curtail leaving your car and walking children into school if possible. You can drop off your child in the school yard off of Bingham St. right in front of the gym door. Safeties are there to walk young children to class. You may also drop off on Lawndale, but keep in mind parking is extreme limited and double parking is unsafe. At the close of school, teachers will be prepping Lower school students for pick up 15 min. early and taking them out at 2:45. If you cannot come till 3:00 that is not a problem. Students that are not picked up can remain with Mr. Howard on the Lawndale side of the school yard till 3:15 as usual. Please keep in mind you can come as late as 3:15 on any regular school day and as late as 3:30 tomorrow before students are required to go to daycare. One final thing. We would like to encourage you to pray for safety and that drivers would be considerate and cautious. 

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