Preschool and Daycare Supervisor

Miss Dolores Ide
Position: Preschool Supervisor, Kindergarten Teacher
At CGCA since: 1999
Education: BS Bible, M. Ed. in Reading
Certification(s): PA. El. Ed. reading; ACSI
Birth date: January 21st
Leisure activity: Reading, walking, puzzles

Pre K

Mrs. Milta Santos
Position: Preschool/ Lower School Aide
At CGCA since: 2003
Education: High School Diploma
Certification: ServSafe Food Handler
Birth date: July 11th
Leisure activity: Baking, reading, playing board games

Miss Laura Quigley
Position: Preschool Aide
Education: High School Diploma
Graduate: Cedar Grove Christian Academy 2008
At CGCA since: 2010
Birth date: July 22nd
Leisure activity: church activities and spending time with family

Mrs. Desiato, Lara
Position: Preschool Teacher
At CGCA since: 1989-1999, 2005
Education: B.S. Ed. Bob Jones University
Birth date: February 24th
Leisure activity: Cooking, singing, coffee shops, flying


Mrs. Patricia Roman
Position: Kindergarten Teacher
At CGCA since: 1997
Education: B.S. Social Work and Cairn Univ.
Birth date: March 28th
Leisure activity: Reading, scrapbooking, picture taking, gardening, chasing after kids, spending the day with the hubby

Mrs. Ginger Negron
Position: Preschool Aide
At CGCA since: 2001
Education: Business School
Birthday: July 31st
Leisure activity: Family, reading, crochet, scrapbooking.