Lower School Lead Teacher

Mrs. Jane Quigley
Position: Teacher 2nd grade
At CGCA since: 1982- 1988, 1998
Education: B.S. El. Ed. Bob Jones Univ.
Graduate of CGCA – 1978
Birth date: December 11th
Leisure activity: Family and friends, baking, walking

1st Grade


Miss Cheryl Parke
Position: Teacher 1st grade
At CGCA since: 2000
Education: Temple Univ.
Birth date: August 3rd
Leisure activity: Cooking, country music, ice hockey, exercising


Miss Pam Schermerhorn
Position: Teacher grade 1
At CGCA since: 1995
Education: B. S. El. Ed. Geneva College, M.S. Reading Hood College
Birth date: March 4th
Leisure activity: Gardening, crafts

3/4 ACE

Mrs. Ashley Shackelford
Position: Teacher 3/4 ACE
At CGCA since: 2022
Education: BS Temple Univ.
Birth date:
Leisure activity: Family and friends


Mrs. Mina Weber
Position: Teacher 2nd grade
At CGCA since: 1987
Education: B.S. El. Ed. Cairn Univ., WOL Bible Inst. (4Yrs.), CEF Inst.
Birth date: July 15th
Leisure activity: Crafts, painting, puppets, helping people get healthy

3rd Grade


Mrs. Nancy Bryan
Position: Teacher 3rd Grade
At CGCA since: 1987
Education: BS and MS Pensacola Christian College
Birth date: June 17th
Leisure activity: Walking, puzzles, reading, family


Mrs. Dawn Perez
Position: 3/4 ACE Aide
At CGCA: 2015
Education: High School Diploma
Birth date: June 24th
Leisure activity: Scrapbooking, crafts.
volunteering at church, Pioneers Club & Nursery

4th Grade


Mrs. Paula Nolan
Position: Teacher 4th grade
At CGCA since: 2010
Education: B.S. El. Ed. Bob Jones Univ.
Birth date: June 20th
Leisure activity: Cooking, family, and church activity

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