Flex Snow days

The following procedures will be enacted in the event of excessive snow days during the school year: 

Praise the Lord for His goodness and safety during the harsh weather conditions we have often dealt with during the winter months. Every year we bank into our regular schedule extra days just in case of emergency dismissals. In the event of dangerous weather beyond our banked snow days that could cancel more school, we are notifying you of our virtual process for these potential days.

  • Notification of a potential snow day will be provided when possible.
  • Needed text and work related material should be taken home by the students including an ipad (Lower School)  or computer (Middle School – Lab PC)  issued and tracked by the homeroom teacher if no device is already available at home. 
  • All students will be required to sign into their homeroom Zoom by 9 am unless the teacher specifies that all work will be on the LMS or sent home via hard copy or digitally.
  • If using Zoom the teacher will provide the schedule for the day with every core class scheduled for that day in an abbreviated format. For example – 9 – 9:30 Hr/Devo/Per. 1, 9:35 – 9:55 Per. 2, 10:00 – 10:20 Per. 3, 10:25 – 10:45 Per. 4, 10:50 – 11:10 Per. 5, 11:15 – 11:35 Per. 7, 11:40 – 12 Per. 8.
  • Classes will be conducted on the stated schedule from 9-12pm. 
  • The day will begin with a brief devotional and time of prayer!
  • All CGCA online etiquette is to be followed, however it will be considered an informal day       (NO Pajamas, students must be sitting at a desk or table, camera on and visible from the chest up – at least). 
  • It is the teachers’ discretion as to how long students must remain on Zoom, particularly in MS where assignments may be given over RenWeb.
  • Students not logged on by 9 am should be considered absent. They me be recorded late as long as they log in by 9:15 and are logged in for every required class period, otherwise they are considered – absent. (Technology issues will be taken into consideration.)
  • Assignments may be given, to be completed in the afternoon for classes as deemed necessary by the classroom teacher. 
  • Assignments should be available by 9am on Renweb for students to view.

Flex Fridays

At scheduled times throughout a given school year we may chose to give our staff a little reprieve on the weekends by allowing them a few extra hours to catch up and prepare for the next week. To this end we may be initiating “Flex Fridays”. We have seen this work in a number of schools in our area.

As many of you are aware, our staff often works well into the night and many long weekends to keep up the pace. What this entails is the following: 

  • This will take place every other Friday.
  • We will have noon dismissals with afternoon assignments for students to be completed at home, similar to online snow days. 
  • Lunch will NOT be provided  
  • Daycare will be available if needed (Buses will run at noon).
  • The large majority of families that we have spoken to understand the logic behind the program and wish to support our dedicated staff. I hope you too can see the need for this process and are able to adjust your schedule accordingly when this is deemed necessary.