Christian education requires a close, enthusiastic partnership between the staff, students’ families, area churches, and other friends to achieve educational excellence.

The faculty, administrators, and support staff exhibit their professional skills, Christian commitment, and love for children as they plan and implement creative and challenging learning experiences which motivate students. Through their words and actions, they consistently strive to demonstrate God’s love.

Staff by School Departments

Our Administrators and Office Personnel are a tireless group of people who care for the daily needs of our school families. Often juggling multiple tasks, they carry out the important tasks of running our school and doing this with a sense of love for the work, and for the people they deal with on a regular basis.

The High School Staff is committed to continuing to build upon the instructional foundation of the CGCA Bible-based curriculum. We believe our high school staff not only prepares students for higher education pursuits but, more importantly, prepares them for life as Christians strong in their faith and steadfastly aware of God’s grace and their own value.

The Middle School Team works hard to maintain a high academic level and build relationships with the young people they come in contact with. Through mentor groups, homeroom ownership, daily Bible classes, annual retreats, and a variety of other daily and periodic activities much time is dedicated to the loving development of our young people.

The Lower School Faculty is a group of dedicated loving people who adopt a new group of children every year and make them their own. They serve them through sacrificially giving of themselves and modeling a Christ-like attitude day in and day out all year long and then proudly passing them on to the next set of qualified staff, confident that they will succeed.

The Preschool and Daycare Staff love to nurture the adorable children ages 3 – 5 who need loving attention as they are often away from Mom and Dad for the first time. With a goal to develop the “whole child,” students are lovingly encouraged to build their social skills, work habits, and spiritual understanding in an enjoyable and well-planned environment.