Middle School Supervisor

Mrs. Debra VanEmburg
Position: Middle School Supervisor, 7/8th Homeroom, Middle School Language Arts
At CGCA since: 2014
Education: M.S.Education./ B.S. Education / B.S. Bible Cairn University
Certification(s): PA, CA, ACSI
Birth Date: October 8th
Leisure Activity: time with family & friends, reading, cooking, scrapbooking

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Mrs. Carole Fox
Position: 5/6 ACE, 3/4 ACE, Art, Counseling
At CGCA since: 2009
Education: El. Ed. Tabernacle Baptist (SC)
Certification(s): ASCI
Birth date: April 25th
Leisure activities: Playing with my grandchildren, reading, listening to Christian music and podcasts, painting


Mr. Joey Wexler
Position: Middle School Bible, 7/8 ACE, 3/4 ACE, Counseling
At CGCA since: 2018
Education: A.S. Science Community College of Phila.,B.S. Bible / MDiv Bible Cairn University
Certification: ACSI
Birth Date: July 17th
Leisure Activity: Weight training, martial arts


Mrs. Wendy Brennan
Position: 5/6 ACE Homeroom Teacher
At CGCA since: 2018
Education: B.S. El Ed. – Temple Univ./University of Phoenix
Certification(s): AZ State, Structure Eng Immersion K-12, ACSI
Birth Date: June 21st
Leisure Activity: Family, reading, Crocheting


Miss Julianna Thompson
Position: Art teacher
At CGCA since: 2018
Education: Community Artist
Birth Date: June 13th
Leisure Activity: Reading, art, family


Mrs. Amy Davis
Position: ACE Instructor, Math, 8th Homeroom
At CGCA since: 1999 – 2006, 2013
Education: B.S. El. Ed., B.S. in Cairn Univ.
Birth date: Feb 23rd
Leisure activities: Listening to music, spending time with family and friends.


Mr. Caleb Myers
Position: Middle School Bible/Computer, Gym Teacher,
At CGCA since: 2020
Education: B.S. Ed. Health and PE
Certification(s): ASCI
Birth date: June 29th
Leisure activities: All sports and photography


Mr. David Fox
Position: Teacher – Music/Band/Home Ec/Family Life
At CGCA since: 2003
Education: B.S. Bible Cairn University
Birth date: Dec. 11th
Leisure activity: Old movies, old TV shows, Facebook


Mr. Sebastian Jiwanmall
Position: 6th grade homeroom, Science, Spanish
At CGCA since: 2019
Certification: Provisional ACSI
Birth date: July 31st
Leisure activity: Family, travel


Ms. Joye Nottage
Position – Assistant to the MS Supervisor, 7th Homeroom, 5th & 6th History, Computer
At CGCA since: 2016
Education: AA General Eastern Florida State,
BA Political Science, Temple University,
Certification – ACSI
Birth Date: Sept. 28
Leisure Activity: Watching my daughter play soccer, helping others,


Mrs. Mosette Wright
Position: 5th Homeroom Teacher
At CGCA since: 2015
Education: BA Marketing, MA EL Ed.
Birth date: July 13th
Leisure activity: Family, crafts, puzzles, baking, and laughing!!