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Cedar Grove Christian Academy's Proposed Multi-Purpose Facility

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Cedar Grove Christian Academy and Crossroads Bible Church are following the leading of the Holy Spirit by stepping out in faith to make major improvements to our existing facility. Approximately 2 years ago we felt the need to look into the possibllity of putting up an all-purpose building that will house a full service kitchen with the most up to date industrial appliances and allow our staff to serve our school family better and more efficiently. In addition to the kitchen the building will include a large open area that will serve as a gymnasium for our expanding sports program, gym classes and indoor recesses during poor weather. This area will also be used as a cafeteria featuring lunch tables encased in an interior wall that fold out easily and collapse just as easily forming a flush, finished wall.This room will also be used for weekly chapels, assemblies, and programs.
Having this facility will allow us to use our existing facility more efficiently and expand our enrollment to families that we have not been able to in the past. We plan to add a preschool class, a 7/8th class, and have a designated room for our music and arts program.

We anticipate breaking ground this summer (2011) and finishing by Thanksgiving. You could be a part of this exciting endeavor by:

First, and most important, we ask you to pray for the erection, use, and financing of the multi-purpose facility.
Second, we ask you to give as the Lord leads. (Please see below.)
Third, please share with other friends and family how they, too, may be involved in supporting this project.
Fourth, pass on the names of businesses or individuals who might be looking for worthwhile charitable endeavors to donate to as a tax write off.

Ways to donate to CGCA for this building project:

• Mail checks to Cedar Grove Christian Academy at 6445 Bingham Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111
• Donate with your credit card by clicking on the donation button on this page.
• Stop by the school and see the progress as it unfolds and make a donation in the office.

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