Lunch Menu and Procedures

Children may still bring in money, order items in homeroom daily, and pay for them at lunch time daily.

Parents of students in Grades 1-4, if you can, please send lunch money in a sealed envelope and snack money separately.

BiG ChanGes

Very soon all lunch orders will have to be done on RebWeb Online. Please begin now by order and paying for your child's lunch through RenWeb if you have not already done so.

Daily Menu

Mon. - Hot Dog or Chicken Patty Sandwiches ($2)
Tues. - Quesadilla or Mac & Cheese ($2)
Wed. - Chicken Nuggets ($2)
Thur. - Hamburger or Cheeseburger ($2)
Fri. - Pizza (1 slice $2 or 2 slices $3) Fries ($1)

The only other items available for purchase will be drinks for $.50 and $1, a variety of chips for $.75 each and PBJ or Bagel ($2)

Log in to RenWeb to see the current scheduled lunch calendar.

Online lunch ordering procedures


We will soon be requiring families to order and pay for lunch for their students in RenWeb. Teachers will not be taking orders in the classroom starting mid-February. Please take the next couple of weeks to familiarize yourself with the system. In this communication, there will be instructions on completing orders, and also a form explaining how you need to set up your securities to be able to process your payments.

The lunch menu will be posted over the weekend.
Log in to RenWeb.
Click on "Student"
Click on "Lunch"
On the top right, choose which student (if you have multiples).
A Lunch Order Form displays.
Choose a quantity for each item you choose to order (type the number in the QTY column).
(Repeat this process for each child for whom you are ordering.)
The "Grand Total" displays at the bottom.
Click Order Items

Once you click on "Order Items", the "Online Lunch Payment" page shows.
Enter your email and billing name, if it is not pre-populated (it should come up).

Choose either o Bank Account or o Credit Card for method of payment.
Enter the required information (routing number and account number for bank account, or credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code for credit card).

Click "Submit".
A confirmation page shows. Verify your information; there is an option to "Edit" if you need to.
Then click "Pay".
If you do not click this "Pay", the items will be ordered with NO PAYMENT.

You should see a final confirmation, with a notice that you will get an email.

You have successfully ordered and submitted payment for the lunch menu items your child would like for the week!

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